The proffesional office

The office is comprised of two founding lawyers Mr. Antonio Manuel Calderín Díaz and Mrs. Alina Elena Râmaru and other lawyers/specialists that we work with. Currently we have 2 offices in the cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Telde.

So we offer at your disposal 2 professional offices:

  • Calderín y Ramaru – Abogados
  • Massimiliano Cicco
  • Eliodor Tanislav
  • Laura Rotaru

Our dedication towards the client, the fast service and a work well done are our main goal.

Foreign languages

Our conversations and negociations can be made in spanish, english, french and romanian with prior notice.


Ámbito geográfico de trabajo

  • Mainly Canary Islands Autonomous Comunitaty (Canary Islands- Spain).
  • Spain.
  • Romania (through our partners under our supervision: and
  • Europeean Union (in certain aspects).


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